Massage Therapy

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At Fitness Vision we have massage therapists who offer a variety of services to keep you feeling awesome all the time.

Speed up recovery time after exercise

Recovery is essential for success when training. Massage therapy can help by increasing blood flow, improving tissue elasticity, and can help prevent injuries by increasing flexibility.

Stress Relief

These days many of us have stressors we are trying to deal with, wether that’s taking care of our family, dealing with the intensity of work, or dealing with a new life event, massage can help. It’s a rare occasion we allow ourselves to disconnect and feel taken care of. You can use this space as a time to clear your mind and think about NOTHING to then go back with even more energy.

Pain Relief

Massage can interrupt the pain cycles by relieving tensions in your muscles, stimulating circulation, alternating signaling pathways involved with the inflammatory process (reduces inflammation ), aids in the production of endorphins, and allows you to move more freely in your body.

Improves athletic performance

Manual manipulation of muscles tissues helps your blood circulate at a quicker pace, improving oxygenation. It also improves your range of motion allowing you to work out more efficiently, and improves soft tissue function so you can continue to break through plateaus.


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